Monday, October 12, 2009

Men at Kripalu!

I have men on the brain today. I took a hike of over 6 miles in the Berkshires, and what did I find myself thinking about? Men. Like I want one. There is actually a strong male presence at Kripalu. All kinds of men: older men in blue jeans, men in sweats, men in shorts, not just yoga dudes, men with round bellies, and with flatter bellies, men of different builds. Some came with wives or girlfriends. Some came alone. I'm glad to see the men showing up to do their yoga!

I feel like if I let someone get close to me again that they are going to REAM ME. How can I get over a fear like that? That's exactly how I felt after a significant relationship: reamed, emptied out, juice removed from the inside. And I'm sure that I can take responsibility for that. I didn't have the tools that I have now, so I projected way too much of myself onto a cute boy! Even though I'm sure that is true, I also have the FEAR. How can I trust enough to open my heart to a MAN?

At the same time if I can do it, and I think I can, it will be a major accomplishment. I think I will get great satisfaction out of cultivating a great relationship with someone. It will mean that I have come to peace with my father wound. 'Cuz that's a biggie... Yikes! Like, I'm sorry future dude! I am probably going to project unprocessed debris from childhood daddy stuff... 'Cause I'm human. No tabula rasa here... Gummed up psyche in this sweetheart super-bitch!

Gee, do you think that all this yoga I've been doing is bringing stuff up for me? And it's good because I can keep myself so busy in my daily life that I can avoid thinking about what I want. So it's good to see if I just give myself a little time to relax that I am actually a HUMAN WOMAN! Yeah! I am not just some yoga teaching, yoga obsessed computer program! Even though I DO LOVE YOGA!

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Bob Weisenberg said...

This sounds like a chapter out of Cope's "Wisdom of Yoga", and I know you know what he would say.

Come to think of it, maybe you can stop him in the cafeteria and ask him.

But you already know what he would say. He would say this is exactly what Yoga is for.

He would say utter self-awareness is a prerequisite for any kind of true wonderfulness.

Bob Weisenberg

Anonymous said...

Well given one of my recent posts, or perhaps both of them... I think you know I can understand where you're at.

That said, I've thought a lot about those fears we carry, too. Like, how carrying them forward is dragging the past into the present and in some ways, re-creating the conditions for what has been. Which means there's a good chance those things can happen again, and thus the self-fulfilling prophecy of our fears.

Definitely sounds like all the work you're doing is bringing stuff up. Good for you!! xo