Thursday, December 31, 2009

Setting a Goal

"Styana: A person suffering from languor has no goal, no path to follow and no enthusiasm. His mind and intellect become dull due to inactivity and their faculties rust. Constant flow keeps a mountain stream pure, but water in a ditch stagnates and nothing good can flourish in it. A listless person is like a living corpse for he can concentrate on nothing."
-B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Yoga, 35th paragraph of the Introduction.

Complacency. Just doing what you are supposed to do. Unexamined experience. Trapped. Without an object for the imagination, we might loll around waiting forever.

A goal can change your world. Even a rediculous one. Reach. It can be a career goal, relationship goal, a creative goal, or maybe a Yogic Goal.

Lacking direction, a dull sensibility, languishing in languor is a block to personally growing through Yoga. Maybe we are "too busy" to address this. There is always a choice. We can always stir the pot. When everything has settled to the bottom in a cooking pot on the stove, it may congeal together and eventually become homogenously charred. So even if there were originally different components making an interesting mix, if left neglected you might end up with a mess. The same might be true for a neglected personality. We can't always expect others to keep us moving, the spoon might not reach down deep enough to keep it interesting.

Set a course. Fly. You don't even have to change a lot to others--or maybe you do. I can't speak for others, I just know that I have more work to do.

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YogaforCynics said...

"I can't speak for others, I just know that I have more work to do."

You and me both, Brooks...

Ilovemusic said...

Always work for me to do as well... nice article Brooks!