Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Gushingly Positive Review of Writing Yoga and a Counterpoint.

It's true.

Once I started reading Bruce Black's Writing Yoga my attention soon turned into a love-fest for a cool book.

Jay Winston's review, while almost more about himself and his issues than the actual book, did raise a point that I agreed with: that the set off sections that were specified as having come from Mr. Black's journal were actually especially polished little teaching points—which annoyed Jay, but I thought they were good. But Jay might be right when he points out that we might be getting more of the real personal scoop from some of the things shared in the main body of the text.

And I think that Writing Yoga is yet another yoga memoir—a very good one—disguised as a how-to-write book. I enjoyed the story! ...a really beautiful book! But I wouldn't have picked it up right away if I hadn't received that review copy... Thank you Rodmell Press!

And while my review might be more about my swoon of a memory of a blip in my past than about the actual book, I hope that it's still a worthwhile read!

The Article at
On Writing Yoga, Honoring Teachers, and Having Fun on the Path.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Demystifying "down there" with Leslie Howard.

I'm excited about this upcoming workshop to be presented at the Yoga Circle, located in Chicago:

Sunday, October 30
The Female Pelvic Floor: A Workshop for Women with Leslie Howard.

From the text on Yoga Circle's website:
Leslie Howard
Proper strengthening and stabilizing of the pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body. This is the true meaning of "core work." Whether you experience any of these conditions, or are just plain curious about this region of the body, this workshop is for you:
I fell into the "just plain curious" category the first time I took Leslie's workshop. However I had experienced fear about my pelvic health on and off throughout my adult life. It just seemed kind of scary and mysterious in the area "down there", and I have found that education about what is happening in the pelvic floor can go a long way towards deep healing and peace in a woman's body:

I heartily recommend this workshop for women!

More from Yoga Circle's workshops page about the kind of concerns women might bring to the workshop session for education and clarification, "demystification" indeed:
  • pelvic pain 
  • leak when laughing or sneezing 
  • lower back, hip or groin problems 
  • have to go the bathroom too often 
  • discomfort during sex or while using tampons 
  • prolapsed organs 
  • skin irritation
  • pregnancy and birth 
In this workshop we will locate, assess, soften, stretch, strengthen and exercise the various muscle groups of the pelvic floor, discuss mula bandha, abdominal health and how to utilize the pelvic floor in asana.

The afternoon will begin with anatomy, lecture and discussion, followed by subtle experiential movements to awaken your understanding of this often ignored area. A series of specific exercises and asanas for the pelvic floor will follow. Time permitting, asana that spotlights the pelvis and hip joints will be practiced. Handouts will be provided. Bring your friends, sisters, mothers and daughters.
Okay, so come to this workshop if you are a woman in the Chicago Area and can make it, and want to take the next step in body awareness. And if you have women friends and family in the Chicago region tell them about this workshop. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Call the Yoga Circle to sign up: (312) 915-0750.