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Yay, for Queer Yoga!

Yoga, in its best sense, is for everybody who wants to engage in it, but we all know that some environments are more welcoming than others.

One of the more tasty-beautiful human beings I know, A.J. Durand is offering a Queer Yoga Workshop every Saturday in July.

Something I’ve learned from A.J.—a walking gender education machine—is that Queer is way more than gay. And, according to a recent article at Elephant Journal:
“queer” means only failing to fit expected categories or definitions.

I really appreciate this explanation. A couple of weeks ago in conversation with A.J. I remember saying that I don’t identify as “queer” but I definitely identify as “weird”. I am a unique human being and don’t see myself as fitting into “expected categories or definitions.”

More info about the Queer Yoga Workshop at Yogaview from A.J’s facebook note:

Hi there,

My Yoga Workshop for queer, transgender, and gender non-conforming folks is primed and ready to go.
It's EVERY SATURDAY IN JULY! 2-3:15PM - 75minutes of FIERCENESS in your life once a week in July!!
$20 per session or $75 for all 5 - $100 gets you a sweet yoga mat!

Please register at (CLICK ON THE WORKSHOPS/EVENTS TAB) - here is a direct link to the workshops page.
This workshop is happening at Yogaview’s Division St. studio at 1745 W Division St, Chicago IL 60622

I love teaching and practicing yoga - it's not wierd or freaky, or only intended for middle class moms in pink spandex - I want you to try this and I want you to see how much this practice has majorly shifted my identity and given me a safer space everyday to handle my queerness in a not-so-queer world. I want to share with you

I'm not promoting this through the studio, so if you have contacts, friends, colleagues, mistresses, misters, organizations whose members or clients could benefit from this please highlight and paste this into an email for your finest. I'd like to keep doing this -but I need this one to be successful to prove that there is a community out there who is interested.

Give it a shot. I won't disappoint you. You deserve this invaluable asset in your life.

Much Love,


I've never done yoga before, can I come?
YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU! We won't be putting our legs behind our heads (this time) But don't feel like you need to be a "flexible person" to do this.

Do I have to sign up for all five sessions?
WELL, IT'S DEFINITELY THE BEST DEAL - BUT NO - YOU CAN COME TO AS FEW AS ONE OR ALL FIVE - just take a look at the descriptions and see what you think.

I don't have a yoga mat?
WHAT???!!?? JK - that's fine we have mats at the studio - there is an option to register for all five sessions with a GREAT tapas mat that you can keep forever and I recommend having your own for the future.

Is this religious?
ARE YOU KIDDING?? HAVE YOU MET ME? Although I will say, this is a MINDBODY practice and not a workout...

What do I wear?
WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOU! This is a safe space and I am specifically trying to market directly to folks who will help support this environment. No Becky's and Stacie's plus strollers here. It's totally radical queer. But in the event that you need to bring your kid - just make sure that someone can tend to them - I HAVE A WORKSHOP TO RUN!

HA HA! Let's have fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thinking about death.

Last night
in the fields
I lay down in the darkness
to think about death,
but instead I fell asleep,

~Mary Oliver, an excerpt from the poem 'White Flowers'

New article at Elephant:
Suicidal Education. How Thinking on Death Might Help.

* In Respectful Memory of Katy Maguire *

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