Friday, December 4, 2009


This is a Guest Muse by A. Quinn


   I was floating
      on a raft
       In space ~
     and time
         A plane called earth.

          There I was
            Di s co nnec te d
             from all I was
              And all I was becoming

              I just
               didn't know.
         Just didn't know


          Still, I stood.   Erect as I could seem.
            ~s-h-a-k-i-n-g-deep inside
                        my weary bones wondering trying
                                desperately to
                            s e e

         A newer world if there could be...

         I'll find my hands I'll plant my feet
                 on this special spot
          Somewhere   here this   elemental lot
                 I fight to seek my-self
                         So long-gone
                               like feelings
                                    in a dream...

              Somehow one day that mat it
                     spoke to me
                         in  v o l u m e s ~~~
                There were
                  waves of sound and sight
    of thought and light

Pleading that I stay and see
      Begging me to witness and believe
               That all they say is true.

     I would one day find me
             and in me

"Wintertime ~ 2004" is a sketch of a challenging time that yielded profound change in my life. I didn't know why I was going to Brooks' lovely class when I began, I only knew that it was bringing me some type of peace. Peace - even momentary peace - was a gift I was seeking earnestly at that time, whether I knew it or not.

This writing is about not only the feeling that brought me to yoga, but the vast world that yoga continues to open up inside of me.

A. Quinn


YogaforCynics said...

Wonderful, inspiring poem...I love the shape of it as well as the words themselves...

Tom Bailey said...

This is a great poem and I really liked the way it ended and how things tie together.

Excellent stuff.


I also enjoyed reading your guest post as well. The post about the past.

Best regards and namaste to all.

Tom Bailey

Laura said...

Beautiful poem...wintertime can often create a feeling of disconnect...especially if you live somewhere cold and are physically separated from others because of staying snuggled in at home. So great you can get to Brooks classes and reconnect with others and your own sacred self!
gentle steps,