Saturday, October 10, 2009

Joyful Repose

Yesterday, I heard three things about my "vacation": The first was from meeting with Christine of BlissChick blog fame which highlighted the fact that there are things coming up for me right now that even though difficult I want to honor. In the Kripalu orientation the speaker actually said "This is not a vacation," and explained that it is actually a center for retreat. Seane Corn also said "this is not a vacation." The idea is that coming to Kripalu is an opportunity to study yourself and do whatever you think you need for physical, mental, and spiritual health. And it's not a vacation of my values-where I indulge in unhealthy habits or something. But I do see it as a time of joyful repose, where I enjoy being with myself, and where I can bring my healing space to myself. A break from teaching others, an a time to practice in a place that respects this sort of thing.

This is the kind of place where you can come with a "just do me" kind of attitude if you want. You participate in a program and the practice is facilitated, which is a helpful learning experience. However I felt the need to take some responsibility for myself, as well, and so I'm doing medition before the program starts in the morning and at the end of the day as well. It feels good to get back to this. It also feels really necessary, and am looking forward to sitting tonight.

The "Detox Weekend" I've been doing, facilitated by Seane Corn, is good. I'm definitely feeling it... I'm exhausted. I think I brought some tiredness with me. And any kind of detox process tends to liberate toxins so that they can be released by the body so you can feel kind of crappy at times. This is a detox through vinyasa yoga, healthy eating, and fresh air. I'm not doing any extreme diet or anything.

There was a moment of awe in the afternoon session today. Everybody was really tired, apparently, because we did some restorative work. After that Seane Corn had us gather around her and she told us about what she had seen in the vinyasa practice so far. The breath needed work. And she did a demo about the breath in Sun Salutations. I felt the breath work. As she breathed her way through the poses, a very positive, heart-opening vibe was generated from her practice. In addition to feeling this, I also witnessed the whole room shift--we are a big group in there. And when we practiced after that things were different, more mindful.

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Bob Weisenberg said...

People have different ideas of what "vacation" means. I know the definition they are using, and I'm sure that make sense to them.

But on my last vacation I read "The Harper Collins Concise Guide to World Religions", which is not so very concise as it turns out, and several other Yoga related books.

It's true I was in a beautiful place with perfect weather, and I was reading on a balcony overlooking the water. But reading about spirituality is my idea of a good time!

Keep the reports coming.

Bob Weisenbeg

Kay Burnett said...

cool, girlfriend! so great you are sharing your experience with us!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooks! What cute feet you have!

Brooks Hall said...

Thanks Michelle!

I think she saw my feet here:

Bob Weisenberg said...

Here I am trying to get into a heavy spiritual discussion and all you guys want to talk about is feet!

Anonymous said...

As we move deeper into yoga practices, it becomes mandatory to take time away from the patterns of life, in order to progress on our journey.

Especially if you're teaching or working a 9-5 job with so many demands on your time! These things can distract us from our purpose in spiritual growth.

And I know what Bob means. Every retreat I've ever been on (usually involving a great deal of yoga and sitting and philosophical discussion) has never been what one would call comfortable and easy, but for me, its always been very enjoyable. Precisely because of the nature of the retreat!

Your retreat sounds exciting and I appreciate the little updates.

Usually when on retreat, I'm so far away from technology, blogging is not a possibility. Maybe next time I'll at least have a laptop with me, and can write posts for later publishing. That said, the next one will be three months long at the end of next year! Scary and exciting! :)