Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beyond Ordinary Time

Today I am posting a beautiful letter that I recently received:

Dear Brooks,

I'm writing to thank you for the beautiful yoga class you taught while Larry and I were visiting Chicago and staying at Ruby Room. The trip was a combination vacation/birthday celebration and your yoga class felt like such a gift to me, especially since it happened to be my 50th year of life!

The time we spent with you seemed to separate us out from ordinary time and I loved the sequence of asanas you chose. Yoga is so enlightening in its ways of bringing out what is really going on inside us. Your class was a real highlight of our trip and I am so grateful that our visit included meeting you. I will always remember this birthday as being particularly special due to the class I got to take with you.

You are a very bright and articulate young woman. I hope you will keep the joy you exude alive in all stages of your life because the world is very much in need of the kind of gift you have to give. Thank you again for sharing yoga so beautifully with us.

Love and Light,
Tirzah Blackman

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YogaforCynics said...

That is a truly beautiful letter. Isn't it amazing to find out you've had such a profound effect on someone, just by doing what you do?

Brooks Hall said...

Yes, it's a blessing!

Bob Weisenberg said...

How fulfilling is that!

Now consider this. Very few people take the time to write a letter like this, even if they feel exactly the way Tirzah Blackman does.

Why? Who knows. Some are shy. Some assume you must get lots of letters like this, so what difference does one more make. Everyone's too busy and everyone procrastinates.

In any case, think of the logical implication of the fact that perhaps only 1 in 20 people who love your class take the time to tell you. That means that for every Tirzah there are at least 19 more who feel exactly the same way, but just don't take the time to say so.

How would you feel if you got 20 letters like Tirzah's in one day? In effect, that's what's happening every time you get one. Think about it!


Bob Weisenberg

Brooks Hall said...

Thanks, Bob! That makes me smile. Positivity is magnified!