Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Right to It

When I arrived at Kripalu I met with Christine, of the BlissChick blog, and what a meeting that was! We just got directly to topics that are deeply important to each of us, and I came away wiser and inspired. Since we had read one another's blogs, shared common interests, and similar past trauma, it got deep fast. We took risks and shared deeply. Go BlissChick! I admire your work.

Afterward I took a walk and saw the mist coming off the Berkshires, and it seemed to be showing me that I am in the process of seeing things that were previously too painful to acknowledge, before. So the mists of old protection and resistance seemed to be moving away, revealing truth.

Seane Corn got right to it, too, in her presentation. She started out by saying something like: How can I say this... (pause) What we're doing here this weekend is about pooping, so if that makes anyone uncomfortable, then you should try to get over that fast. In fact, by the end of this weekend I'll bet you're going to come up to me and tell me that you made the biggest densest one... (pause) And I'm gonna be proud.

Don't be jealous... Good night.

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YogaforCynics said...

Glad to hear you're having a great time. I'll try not to be jealous...but it won't be easy...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Brooks, how much synchronicity can one person take?! :)

Seane Corn sounds amazing already. I LOVE her for the poop reference.

I look forward to hearing more.

And I loved getting to meet you. Introvert or not, I would not have passed up the opportunity. :)

Bob Weisenberg said...

That's funny!

Looking forward to your reports.

Bob Weisenberg

Anonymous said...

How awesome that you and BlissChick could time your meet up like that! There's quite a few bloggers I can't wait to get a chance to meet, you and Christine included. One day...

Anyway, sounds lovely and great photo.

Have to admit I don't know too much about the 'famous' yoga teachers of American, but if Seanne's talking about poo then it sounds like an interesting class to me. :D

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

Hilarious and awesome!!