Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hey, wow.

I wish for everyone to have moments, or even a moment of seeing a difficulty in life and witnessing it as having a healing effect. It's a moment where you feel a bit softened and sweet, in awe of how a situation--that just happened--really changed you into who you are today. Wow...

Yesterday, I joked about seeing a cosmic prank in some events and symbols I saw repeated and set against one another in my life: being a tall woman v/s wanting to be small, and from dust bunnies to real bunnies! Wow.

I believe that our stories of how we have suffered do offer opportunities to heal and grow--yielding a better result in the end. What is the lesson learned? How can lives be made better based on what you have learned through your having directly experienced suffering up close and personal? How do you understand others better because you have been there, too? How is life just a friggin' creative miracle in how in unfolds? Wow.

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RB said...

Love this. And I definitely try to do it. But one thing I've learned is that even the process of trying to learn from pain and mishap helps us to see the world in a different light.

As Americans, we've been brainwashed to think that if things aren't perfect, we're unlucky and failing. (Kind of like you winning at games.) If we could only learn to see our actions and experiences as more valuable than material possessions, we might be able to heal and progress as a culture.

Tom Bailey said...

Those are great questions to ask yourself. How do you take a negative experience and use that to move your life forward?

I like what you share coming from a yoga backround it is a different viewpoint that can help bring workability to life.

Laura said...

Yes indeed...suffering is the seed of healing...that has been my experience again and again...stop by my blog and read all about many blessings in illness and all kinds of cracks out hearts open to more compassion and love...and then we share what we have learned with others so they too can grow, blossom and spread their own seeds to others!

Cris said...

I believe that next each obstacle there is its solution. just we don't want to see the solution and we focus on the obstacle.
I could clearly experience this in my life and every time now I found an obstacle and I try to open large my eyes and see with awareness quickly the solution appears to me.