Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Cold. Rain is falling.
Alone in my loneliness.
I am full of lies.

(So if I believe that I'm alone in my loneliness when others are also alone, I am out of synch with the truth.)

Alone and lonely,
I have lots of company.
Let's break through our shells.

I like illusion.
Solitude is my drama.
Just leave me alone.

I want to reach out.
Comfortable in solitude.
I think I'll stay here.

Large crowd of loners,
Each one thinking she's alone.
Paralyzed and sad.

Programmed to believe
Others have things figured out
We are in a trance.

Inspired by Dr. Jay's post.

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YogaforCynics said...

Beautiful poem (or collection of short poems, I should say), Brooks.

Glad I could be the muse for a change...

Unknown said...

So true, and well-articulated. I feel it.

AnnaYaya said...

Brooks, I'm pleased you could build on YogaforCynics post. Loneliness is such an important topic because we are alone. I have this plan to stand on my own two feet and fall in love with myself. . .and I'm doing it! But I had to reconcile myself to the idea of aloneness. I've found that people who are in spiritual practice really have to come to terms with it because as you go deeper into your practice, you head against the stream. There is a good book called The War of Art that talks about how the irony is that when you are finally willing to be alone, you find that you are not at all alone.

RB said...

Programmed to believe
Others have things figured out

So brilliant! This is the root of so much pain and competition--and it leads to more loneliness.