Wednesday, November 11, 2009

But, talks!

In yoga there is a lot of languaging about the butt. In seated forward folds the buttock flesh can be kind of stuck towards the midline, so often students are instructed to use their hands to move the flesh wide and/or back to clear the way for the position to move without obstruction and go deep. (In the picture above, wall ropes are showing my top thighs what to do in dog pose.)

Here is some of the language I've encountered:

Place a hand on the inner thigh, and a hand on the outer thigh. Lift up that sitting bone and push the inner thigh down and lift the outer thigh up to roll the flesh around the bone, widening the back thigh. Put the sitting bone down to hold the flesh out, and repeat on the other side.

Move the butt flaps back.

Create the action of the "blooming" or "blossoming" buttocks.

Make the gaping maw.

And just this past weekend I heard the following instruction:
Grab your assets to open up backstage.

So remember to widen the butt to fold forward.

What the Buttocks Think

Don't tell me that nothing can be done.
The tongue says, "I know I can change things."
The toe says, "I have my ways."
The heart is weeping and remembering Eden.

Legs think that a good run will do it.
Tongue has free tickets; he'll fly to heaven.
But the buttocks see everything upside down:
They want you to put your head down there,

Remind the heart it was upside down
In the womb, so that when your mother,
Knowing exactly where she was going,
Walked upstairs, you weren't going anywhere.

-by Robert Bly, Morning Poems

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Unknown said...

Love the Bly poem, Brooks! Raising the butt, we get out of our heads and
into our hearts. How ironic that the lowliest of body parts can lead us to the higher realms.

Grace said...

Another one I've heard is "Grab the dough and pull it back." lol.