Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On Healing

...a post about putting two hands together and saying a prayer with a heart full of faith, acceptance and love... 


Anonymous said...

You know the thing I've worked out about faith?

The more you try to figure it out, the less possible it seems.

Faith in anything (including one's self), I think is kind of like clouds. Its not tangible or measurable but its there if you let it be.

With faith comes love. With love, comes acceptance.

For these reasons alone, I adore anjali mudra.

Foret de Michelle said...

Wow! you and Svasti! You both have a way with words that leaves me filled with awe and wonder. And Brooks, if I tried to get my hands up that far up my back, I'd have to be carted to the ER, LOL. You have my admiration, not just on that, but on your outlook, especially your outlook!