Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Warm Encouragement

I saw the sun rise today over the train. It's nice to see it there. Today I didn't make it to the water to see it, but I'm still inspired because I need to be.

The bright warm encouragement that the sun is offering, I am accepting.

The sun rises every day, consistently giving, and steady in it's support.

I'd like to ask the sun to be my mentor, but I suppose it already is. It has seen me as a baby, and reached tender rays into my cradle. When I understood that I could move my hands, I played with the golden light.

Of course the sun also sees the wider view, and sees explosions that kill.

I invite the sun to teach me all it can. I am a limited being, yet I strive to do good. I strive to understand. I strive to belong.

To the sun, my life may be meaningless, yet as I feel the caress of its warmth I remain encouraged to go forward and be the person I need to be.


Lisa said...

what a lovely inspiring and poetic post. my favorite part is "I'm inspired because I need to be."

wow! what if I said that more often, claiming what I need instead of waiting it to come from without, instead of waiting for the perfect moment or circumstance to bring what I need to me.

I am happy because I need to be
I am calm because I need to be
I am feeling kind because I need to be

oh the places that would take me!

Brooks Hall said...

Thank you, Kavindra! I love what you've added to this post.