Monday, August 17, 2009

Colorful Embrace

Today was a mix between darkness and light; one moment the sun was obscured by clouds that were sopping wet, and the next the sun's beam of summer warmth ran unobstructed. It was a great mystery to be doused, baptized, or maybe anointed by rain's tender tears or sometimes a furious slap, and then in the next heartbeat to be greeted with a blue sky and a humid sun-bath, as if it loved me too much. There was not a moment outside when I was untouched by the weather.

At the end of the day a different perspective arose, as if the darkness and light decided to hold one another. A brilliant rainbow shown across the resolute sky of evening, bringing with it a different understanding between darkness and light. It was as if the two had decided to come together for a while, and in the ordinary miracle of relationship an extraordinary rainbow arced across what might have otherwise been a dreary sky.


Lisa said...

That's a fantastic photo.

But what I wanted to say was how much I appreciated your comment over at Bliss Chick today. I followed you home here to tell you that :)

Kay Burnett said...

I feel like I was away for the day you describe. I must have been buried inside or in my own preoccupations to miss the day you describe so majestically. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you today -- and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooks. Long time no see. Just saw your name at random on the Moksha Website and then clicked through to your blog and here you've taken the same photo I did last night -

Accident? I think not. : ) Hope you are well. Just found & followed you on Twitter too. Namaste, Justin