Monday, March 7, 2011

Understanding the Blessing of the Bud!

After reading Laura's recent post at Shine the Divine, I was inspired to take pictures of some buds I saw. I was practically choking with every sentence of her recent blog—so much of what she quoted and wrote seemed to apply directly to me and some struggling I have been doing (for years).

It's funny, too, because in the language of her metaphor my new blooms are opening right now. I know this and I can witness her great wisdom. Even though I have struggled with the walls of my own situation, I have also received amazing gifts through the natural restraint of my life.

Here are some of her words:

There is a great deal of soulful maturation taking place swaddled inside the soft petaled walls of the closed bud. It is a necessary part of life, this turning inward, and I am grateful for the wisdom of nature that teaches me to stay right where I am for as long as I need to be here, safe and healing in my own way, even though there is pain involved. I am speaking of all aspects of healing, body/mind/heart/soul as a fully integrated embodied being. … All I need to do is rest right where I am and have faith that when I’m ready I will indeed open up into a flower that will be different, perhaps wiser and more beautiful than the one that died away so that this new bud could form, incubate and birth another blossom of me into the light.
~ Laura Hegfield

Oh, thank you, Laura! I needed to hear that! Read the rest of her post here:
Tight in a Bud

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