Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teacher Training Anti-Ashram.

I'm going back into teacher training tomorrow. It's the second half after an extended break of the level 2 teacher training at Yogaview.

As I'm moving toward tomorrow, I'm thinking that I'd like to stop coffee and sugar-treats, and set up some rigid practice guidelines for myself for the last several weeks of the training, in addition to the course requirements.

In seclusion, like someone might experience in a visit to an ashram, it might be easier to make changes, but then before we know it "normal life" is back—which for me is a bit off from my ideals at the moment.

I want to make a real "normal life" adjustment so I'm going to attempt to make it during this time of the special focus of teacher training. Instead of an experience apart from regular life, I want to make it a part of it.

So tomorrow I'll try to go to the anti-ashram of my ordinary life and do some extraordinary honoring and practice right here.

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Unknown said...

Good luck, Brooks. I'm sure the "ordinary" can be "extraordinary" too!

Laura said... is off the mat and outside the sacred walls of an ashram that the real magic of yoga happens...Being as present as we can be to the life we are in. I hope you are enjoying your training with full presence now, and look forward to learning from you when you return.

Carrie said...

you go girl you rock