Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yoga Student Musings

Last year I started opening my blog space to a few Yoga Student Friends. It literally started when I received a beautiful letter from Tirzah after she took my class while she was here on vacation. I asked her if I could post it, and she said I could. It just felt so good to share this space with another voice on yoga. I also enjoyed that it offered a picture of myself from another viewpoint. It's a blog about my yoga experience, now opened to include how someone else experienced yoga with me. Cool.

So I started talking to students who knew about my blog and such to see if they might be interested in doing a "Guest Muse" for my blog. Part of what was behind my offer was simply a desire to share this wonderful experience that I had benefited so much from. Through articulating my thoughts for this space, I had grown so much! It was truly astounding. And I thought I might be able to offer an experience that others could enjoy, too.

So the first person I worked with towards this aim was Kay. She was my guinea pig in terms of figuring out how to communicate what I wanted. Thanks Kay! She gave me valuable feedback through the process. I wanted to invite her to go into her yoga and write about it, and if it included something about yoga with me--great! But if that didn't fit that was okay, too. I wanted it to be an exploration for her that she might benefit from.

The next Muse was Andyogini! My favorite line from her post:

"Toting my pink yoga mat seems to disperse what I call my Senior Cloak of Invisibility."

And how. This gave me valuable insight into her experience of yoga. Thank you Andyogini!

And then A. Quinn offered a beautiful poem. It has creative spacing that I set line by line with HTML coding. I was so glad to go through this process that required that I go back and forth between the code view and the browser view, so I could make it look as close to the printed page that she had given me as I could. This gave me time to contemplate every line, and as I did I went through heart opening, and sometimes tearful emotions. We go way back. Thank you A!

Then we went down the Yellow Brick Road with Jan. I enjoyed this one so much! It sounds like a map of Soul Healing. Thank you, Jan!

And Gina shared about her journey of healing with Yoga. Thanks Gina!

Be sure to come back on Friday (February 19) for some musing from George!

I'd also like to offer the opportunity to do a 'Guest Muse' on this blog to readers! If you have taken yoga with me (or have taught me yoga) and would like to write about it or your yoga, let me know. And even if we haven't met in person and you've read something thought-provoking here that you'd like to share your thoughts on, let me know. Email me at yogabrooks at yahoo (dot) com.

Thank you! Let's keep on blogging about YOGA!

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Namaste_Heather said...

How lovely Brooks. I've been contemplating doing this too. I just had my students participate on my blog by posing in some partner poses after a Valentines Day Partner Class and the comments were amazing.

What it interesting and what I enjoy is that yoga is something different for each of us and its different for us at different times in our lives. Great post.

Stop by my site when you get a chance. I left an award for you there.


Gina LaCerba said...

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts!!