Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eschewing pretend perfection.

I am reluctant to share with you that my so-called Discipline December has taken a bit of a nosedive around the holidays. I guess it's reasonable. "It's the holidays," after all. But I haven't given up. I've experienced a bit of trial-and-error on my way to Jammin' January!

And I was hesitant to share this less-than-totally-happy report on this blog. I could have kept this boring news to myself, but somehow I wanted to share this unsavory bit of my humanity. In some ways I think that it must make me more savory. But I'm sure that it's not true for some people. I know people who jealously guard their headspace against anything that's not totally love-and-light-y. Maybe I don't blame them. But I need to be a whole-package-Brooks, not an artificial yoga-fairy. For me it would be artificial to pretend perfection.

One thing that I've done well, discipline-wise, is posting a haiku response to the prompts for #reverb10 every morning in December (of course there is still tomorrow!). (Yay! I added this last sentence after the initial publishing of the post when I remembered that it's important to honor the things I am doing well.)


YogaforCynics said...

There'd be no trial and error without error. And, as for December nosedives, I'll defer to my acupuncturist, who generally gives me a hard time about whatever I ate for breakfast or lunch; when I told her I'd been living on chocolate and alcohol for the past week (a bit of an exaggeration), she shrugged and said that's typical for the holidays.

"Jealously guarding their headspace from anything that's not totally love-and-light-y" is another way of saying "repressing...;" It's still there, even if they don't acknowledge it, and it tends to come out in ugly ways (like my personal favorite, passing judgment on anybody who isn't an artificial yoga-fairy). Real is always a lot more savory.

Emma said...

Oh no, don't be reluctant, that indeed makes you "more savory". What's "perfection" anyway?

Laura said...

I was just re-reading chapter five in When Things Fall Apart (Pema Chodron)...if you have this book, read this chapter...maitri for all that is Brooks...for All that IS BROOKS.