Monday, November 21, 2011

Pelvic Empowerment Yoga Workshop with Brooks.

Welcome to an all-levels yoga workshop for women with Brooks Hall.

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Yoga Circle
401 W Ontario Street, Suite 210, Chicago, IL
1 to 4 pm
Cost: $40

Yoga includes living vibrantly in every part of the body. At the same time there are many factors that can cause a woman to reject femininity as well as the root of vitality, creativity and stability, located in the pelvis. For many women, the pelvis is stagnant, neglected or strained by tension, self-judgment, and abuse. This affects our yoga, as well as our health and life expression beyond our yoga mats.

Brooks will give a talk exploring aspects that impact how we think about our female bodies, for the pelvis contains so much more than anatomy. The pelvis holds some of our most precious, sacred and embarrassing stories. It is a treasure of emotion, power and creative inspiration, and when we cut ourselves off from this beautiful resource, our lives become sapped of the vitality that is our birthright.

The anatomy of the pelvic bowl will be discussed, as well as how to most effectively activate and relax the pelvic floor. Safe, detailed and clear instruction will be provided. We will practice postures and techniques for activating the pelvic floor, as well as those where we can stretch and relax ourselves.

Whatever your history with your body, you can begin now to discover the powerful resources within.
~Tami Lynn Kent, Wild Feminine
Call the Yoga Circle to sign up: 312-915-0750

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