Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life like a sunflower...

Is my life like a sunflower?

It is now September, and just like this sunflower has so many maturing seeds in it's big, round sun, I, too have some options for future growth... And like this sunflower there are so many options, presented in the seeds, that some might not work out. Some of the seeds will probably be eaten by birds or shriveled by neglect. But some will make it. Some will grow!

For my potential futures and possibilities, a crucial factor will be the attention and attentive action I can offer to the options (seeds) I choose to develop.

For a seed to grow, it needs a proper spot. It seems that I also need to do a bit of weeding so I can take care of the ones I want, instead of trying to nurture old things that are no longer fitting in the garden of my dreams.

I'm goin' for a Sizzlin' September of Action towards those possibilities I want for my future. Which includes lettin' go of the old (and throwing a few things in the trash...) as well as attendin' to the new!

Of course I'd like to keep my presence rooted in the Present Moment: I'll pretty much have to in order to get anythin' meaningful accomplished... The only place I can do ANYTHING is in the here and now...

As you can see, I'm goin' for a chilled 'tude... But I really am intending to turn up the gas and cook the food I want to eat (so to speak...)!


Seva Soule said...

You go, Brooks! Build some Tapas in the hear and NOW! Woot! I'm in- needed this "refresher"! Thanks, girl :)

Seva Soule said...

Hi Brooks! You go, girl- build some Tapas in the here and NOW! Thanks so much, I needed this "refresher" to get my groove goin' this month! xoR

Meredith LeBlanc said...

My neighbors have a huge sunflower in their front garden; her strong roots and flexible "body" kept flowing during the winds of Irene. I had been worried that maybe Miss Sunflower wouldn't outlast the storm, but she did! Thanks to rooting and flowing. Miss Sunny is an example for us all.