Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keepin' it real at Intent.com

I can see that I was in a rough patch when I was asked to participate as a featured blogger for Intent.com's 30 Days of Yoga Intents. It was kind of hard for me to crank one out. I wasn't feeling hopeful enough, I thought, to write an intention. I was thinking that it needed to be all light and perfect—which I am not...

But I did write a short blog for them, and I think I managed to keep it real with this one:
The Art of Choosing Light


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Maria @dailydownwarddog.com said...

Brooks - Just checked out your post on Intent.com - Nice!
I know exactly how you feel some mornings, especially as the days start to get more gray here in Ohio. Always good to know that I have the choice to remain sunny and happy!