Sunday, January 8, 2012

Level 1 Yoga with Brooks at Yogaview on Division Street

Yogaview on Division Street is at 1745 West Division Street. It is one of Yogaview's 3 beautiful locations in Chicago and Wilmette.

The level 1 yoga class happens at 4pm on Mondays at the Division Street studio. The floors are beautiful, and the place just has a good feel. When people come in for the first time who have been going to the Elston Street studio (which has more of a loft-style feel), they just seem to fall in love: this boutique space is just so sweet! And sometimes it seems like a well-kept secret. You gotta check it out if you are in Chicago, whether you live here or drop in just for a visit. Welcome!

In Level 1 Yoga with Brooks there will be some attention to form, alignment and posture! We want to practice yoga in a way that will cultivate all of the health and vibrancy that yoga promises. But if we are practicing yoga in ways that threaten to compromise our backs, necks or breathing then the process is not beneficial and can be harmful.

Beginners are welcome in this class. Also welcome are more seasoned practitioners who want to cultivate their form. Sometimes yoga students find that they are just moving through everything, and they are not sure if they are doing the postures in the most beneficial ways for their bodies. This class is a place to work on those fundamentals of form. Questions are welcome. If you want to work on something specific, just let Brooks know before class starts.

Brooks delights in fun, and hopes that students will enjoy a class of great, healthy, full, relaxed breathing and movement, including challenge and nurturing.

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Suzanne said...

And this is why I question doing yoga at home with DVD's.....I often wonder if I am doing it right