Sunday, December 4, 2011

Women, let's be pelvic pioneers!

Join me on Sunday, December 11 for the workshop: Pelvic Empowerment.

In the region of the hips, pelvis, low belly, butt, low back and crotch it can seem a bit cloudy, as in the awareness is not clear.

Why do women tend to reject this awesome part of the body? If this seems like too strong of an assertion we might ask: might the awareness be better?

Could the lack of clarity be related to feelings of vulnerability, emotional pain, or trauma?

Well, on this coming Sunday at the Yoga Circle we are going to cover this topic and more…

I have found in my work with Leslie Howard that the first step is to just get to know the pelvis. In the workshop I will teach from my life sized model pelvis and helpful illustrations. We will also discover our own pelvises with some yoga poses along with safe, clear instruction about what we are doing.

Another layer of clarity comes as we uncover stories from our own lives that have defined the pelvis for us.

How does our culture define femininity? How does this affect how we feel about ourselves? Does this affect how we feel about our bodies?

This is a small peek into the realm of Pelvic Empowerment…

Anatomy/Actions/Relaxation Techniques/ Understanding Our Stories/ Living with strength and deep love for the whole body…

A celebration honoring the female pelvis! Yes!

And bring a friend/sister/mother/daughter/aunt/cousin/loved one!

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