Thursday, January 13, 2011

I delight in your good work!

Mudita, delighting in the good work of another person, is the subject of my latest post at Elephant.

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Maria @dailydownwarddog said...

Brooks -

I am definitely delighting in your good work today!! Thank you so much for the link and for the awesome blog and yoga writing you do.

Mudita smiles!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting on Mudita ~ I am currently very much struggling with that very thing! One of my beloved yoga teachers once said that sometimes it has to do with karma. Karma is the reason why some people just have all the cool things happening in their lives while some of us just exist on an average level. I think I believe that sometimes because no matter who I know, how much I shine in any particular experience, I go un-noticed for the most part. As I get older, I know I must just surrender and be okay with it all :)