Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog-cation, blog-baddical?

Gonna' try to have a short blog pause—2 weeks. And I plan to check back in February 9.

Jus' needin' to focus on some life details that don't live here in the beautiful blogosphere...

Feel free to explore the high-quality yoga content that has been built up here over the last few years.

Best to you!


Carrie said...

have a nice break at times I need to take a writing break and give my brain a rest and have me time
will miss your blog take care

Y is for Yogini said...

much love, B. do what you need to do. we'll be here when you get back. :) xoxox

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Enjoy your blog-savasana, we'll keep the place warm for you :)


Emmanuelle said...

Take care Brooks, we'll be patiently waiting. Much love :)

Laura said...

I'm considering this myself...but tis a powerful addiction...well, kind of, plus it is my main form of socializing...which would be pathetic, except I am homebound most of the time...and my blogging friends are awesome...still...a blogcation may be in order soon.