Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Discipline December

I am moving into what I am calling "Discipline December" tomorrow: December 1. I got started today on some of the hairy projects I intend to tackle this month!

I am so happy to be at this place! The fog of pleasant distractions has cleared just enough to see a bit of land! And I know that there will be unforeseen adventure and possibly hardship along the way, but I will reach my goal (I hope!).

Other Decembers might have been, "Decadent December" or "December Depression" but this is a unique December this year, and I just hope that I can pull my projects off!

I have yoga goals, organization goals, financial goals, relationship goals, community goals… Seriously.

If I am courageous enough I may report how it's going, but mainly I just want to say what I want. Put it out there. Plan. Prepare. Go!

And perhaps "Discipline December" will naturally progress towards "Jammin' January" where I'll really see stars!

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Claudia said...

Good luck, I like the idea of disciplining December which is such a frantic month! hope you let us know how it goes :-)

Laura said...

ahh sweet friend...just remember to be compassionate to yourself on days when all goals are not met...so you do not dwell in "Disappointed December." It is admirable to take on new goals and to work diligently to achieve them, it is equally admirable to release judgment and offer yourself pure love for your good intentions, efforts and for the moments when things don't go as originally planned. I wish you wellness in your whole being as you begin this months dedicated journey of accomplishment!!! I want to say "Go BROOKS" and "small steps brooks"...a balance.