Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moon Mystery

The moon carries mystery for me, and right now I feel less aligned with it than I have in the past. I want the white-hot sun to burn away obstacles. I want spiritual jet fuel towards fulfillment.

And here is the moon. It is lit by the sun. So even though I cannot directly feel the sun on my skin, I can witness the sun's light reflected from the moon. The moon visibly receives the light of the sun, and glows.


Bob Weisenberg said...

You're blogs are very evocative for me, sometimes in unexpected ways.

For example, this one sent me into fond memories of reading "Goodnight Moon" to my kids when they were little.

Also, it's the moon that most reliably and instantly reminds me of the unfathomable wonder of the cosmos and the unknowable life-force behind it all.

The very site of the moon makes me think of galaxies and neblulae and black holes and big bang and Good God, where did all this come from?

See what I mean about your blogs?

Bob Weisenberg

Eco Yogini said...

you know, i always find it interesting reading your thoughts about the sun/moon- as i feel completely the opposite. i'm excited for tonights harvest moon :)

you should never move to a place like Halifax where there's a TON of fog.... we could potentially go over a week without seeing the sun.... :S

Brooks Hall said...

Thanks Bob for sharing your thoughts on the moon. I loved hearing about it.

Thanks Eco Yogini for sharing your reaction. And, I too find the moon to be a beautiful wonder. It's big and amazing. And I'd love to visit your part of the world sometime, and we had some fog this morning, also.

Just because I find the sun inspiring doesn't mean that I 'dis the moon.