Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebration Confetti

Fall brings happiness this year because I am so ready to loose a few old things. The colorful leaves are a celebration. It's like glitter falling from the trees! Or confetti...

What can I let go of?

If I was not constantly sloughing off old skin, it would accrete a nasty layer of dead cells. The same can be true of old possessions. Is there any old stuff that hangs around without purpose? Let it go, I say: Let it go. Letting go keeps us healthy.

What about thought forms?

Even if I like a song enough to have the machine play it over and over again, eventually it’s time to move on and listen to something else. The same might be true about the stories I tell myself about who I am. Maybe it’s time to tell myself something new. I can explore an aspect of myself that I haven’t had the courage to, before now.

I have a vision of the next step I need to take. How do I proceed?

Change is destabilizing. I think a person who is changing naturally feels a little (or a lot) nuts. This is part of it. It’s great if you have the support of everyone around you, but what if you don’t? Life is short: take a risk. Open your heart. Love. Succeed. Do it. Do that quiet thing in you that yearns to be given life in the world. I’m giving it a shot. Join me?

It’s why the trees are getting colorful, right now. They are actually going loony. Yes, maybe you didn’t know this before, but it’s true. The trees are losing their grip on what is “normal” for trees: green leaves. One starts to turn and the others laugh, they may even shun that colorful bloke or lass. Then the others notice their leaves getting extra sugary—and BAM, they all have it, the crazies! Pretty soon they are all celebrating by throwing their colorful clothes into the air and onto the ground! The trees show us how to do it. The trees keep it light.

It’s this “craziness” that helps them to let go and change. It’s as natural as the seasons. Hooray!

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Bob Weisenberg said...

This is great. I love all your images and metaphors.

And I love trees, like you clearly do, too.

I usually keep it quiet, because it seems to upset people, but I love winter in Wisconsin as much as I love the summer, for reasons you would readily understand, judging from this great blog.

Bob Weisenberg