Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shamelessly Promoting my Friends.

This is Sunita:

I had lunch with her today, and she also wrote this really great article at Elephant:

Wu Wei all the Way

It's her first article at Elephant and it's for people who want to consider the authentic flow of life... Check it out!

This is Dr. Jay:

I met him in person last fall at Kripalu and we talk on the phone every once in a while... And I like his recent post at Yoga for Cynics called:

Strap Yerself to a Tree...

His post is about getting grounded. I thought his energy was very grounded when we met, but I now understand that he doesn't consciously connect to that in himself.

This is Carol:

We've met a couple of times. And I like her recent article at Elephant:

The Beautiful Babe and the Fierce Guru...

Power: to our ever-evolving conceptions of ourselves and our teachers!


YogaforCynics said...

What would a Yogic Muse need shame for, anyway?

Thanks, Brooks!

Laura said...

looking forward to reading these posts Brooks! I'm with Dr Jay...what do you need shame for dear one? May it be something you experience less and less!