Friday, April 29, 2011

Yoga Journal editors on the subject of weight.

Seems clear, where Yoga
Journal editors stand on
*weight* They say: loose it!

Is yoga here to
serve weight loss? No! I am more
than weight to loose! Shame.

I love my healthy
body, and do not buy in
to less being more.

…just saw this at Whole
Foods, and it seemed so screwed up!
Yoga expands mind.

Yoga affects the
body. Yoga cultivates
kindness. Heart opens.

Mind opening to
care. Let's stop tearing ourselves
down. Be who we are.

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Eco Yogini said...


Scott Newsom said...


Yoga helped me become more true to my real self and develop mindfulness skills that I could use in other areas of my life. So far, I've lost 50 pounds as a direct result of doing yoga. It is completely consistent with yoga, to realize that failing to care for the physical body is not in our best interest. While I agree that it is desirable to accept that what exists is what exists and to do so with equanimity, accepting that change in needed can be exactly what one needs to accept.

koren said...

many people struggle with weight loss and wonder if Yoga will help with weight loss. i thought this issue touched on how yoga helps weight loss and struggle within ourselves wonderfully. Not in a vain way, not about how we look for the sake of how we look, but discussed how many weight loss issues deal with how we treat ourselves and look at ourselves. it was a very mindful issue and from your comment on it, i wondered if you had read the issue. i wondered, had you read it, would you have written what you did? i don't deal with weight loss anymore. but there was a time that i did, and addiction and still feel the call of addiction sometimes. yoga helps me with this every day, and this issue touched on that so wonderfully. this issues absolutely honored the Eight Limbs of yoga and brought it to a place where i think those who didn't realize it is how balanced we are in our mind that we can help ourselves with all the afflictions we deal with. Very yogic i thought.