Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Yoga Creative or Sexual?

My recent post at Elephant journal (The Sex of Yoga and Joy of Everyday Life) was brought in as a part of an interesting, but hardly prudish, discussion at Yoga in the Dragon's Den (Practice Report, Confessions of a Yogic Prude).

I responded to a thought that was brought up at the Dragon's Den about the use of the word "sexual" to describe the energy in yoga practice in my latest post at mulabloga:


YogaSpy said...

I'm back to blogging after a winter hiatus, and what do I find here? Interesting.

I agree that yoga can be creative or sexual but NOT in the way that art is creative (utter self expression) or sex is sexual (the actual act).

IMO, in yoga it is more about self awareness. Good yoga practice might foster the creativity and sexuality in the "rest of one's life," but I don't think these elements are the crux of yoga practice itself. If this makes sense.

To me, yoga classes are rarely sexy. Maybe in Iyengar yoga the vibe tends to be neutral, level headed, and serious. But I've certainly attended crowded classes at large studios where a social/sexual atmosphere was evident.

The trouble with telling people that sex is part of yoga (and all natural and good, etc) is that it gives folks an excuse to see sex in bendy yoga poses, in lululemon butts, etc. Some people need not nurture their sexy sides but need to tamp them down, after all!

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Crazy Eddie said...

Creative energies and sexual energies are based in the same chakra. How can we separate them? Is our attempt to separate them the cause of energetic disharmony? Is our attempt to separate them the cause of diminished creative energy as well as diminished sexual energy? Just wondering.

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Kannan said...

Nice post.

Laura said...

StressLess said...

After so many years practicing yoga and repressing my natural, sexual energies I noticed that if I was totally truthful my practice was full of energy and on many days came through my body in a sexual way. I would, at home, get naked and practice, feeling free and at certain points along the way (warrior 2 , goddess) and would stand erect. I would flow a while longer and actually be dripping wet.. I"ve never really talked about it or thought much of it.. I know in classes we all feel the sexual energy but don't acknowledge it openly.. so thanks Brooks for speaking on the subject. xoxo Mark G.

maquiberriesblog said...

I'm not an expert by any means but when me and my boyfriend do yoga, we get pretty aroused and it leads to the bedroom. ;)