Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rosalia Holt: An Extraordinary Yoga Teacher

“Yoga becomes your own. I’m going to do yoga forever. There is no logical reason to stop. Yoga is for your life.”
~Rosalia Holt

Rosalia Holt was teaching the longest-running yoga class in the Chicago area. She started the class in 1967 at Trinty United Church of Christ. Ms. Holt passed away last Sunday night. She was 86.

Here is an article about Rosalia Holt and other Chicago area yoga instructors over 65. How inspiring!

And here is a beautiful video that was made in response to a request for older extraordinary yoga teachers when Dr. Oz was starting his own TV show.

“Rosalia was such a special person--always smiling, laughing, very positive, saying kind things to strangers, and giving positive words of encouragement wherever she went. She was a true yogi, and a very kind one.”
~Sharon Steffensen, editor of Yoga Chicago magazine


YogaforCynics said...

She started teaching the year after I was born...definitely an inspiration to us all....

Anonymous said...

Wow! Rosalia is awesome!! Bless her for being such a bright light for yoga. Teaching since '67? That is truly a wonderful thing!!

Unknown said...

Thanks we will all miss her

Anonymous said...

Missing from the Chicago article is 79 year old Sivananda teacher Gloria McCartney...amazing lady!